Plotting Every Crash on Every Road 1999-2010

Plotting and iGraph on Lion and Mountain Lion

Europe- a millennia in ten minutes

Pulse of the City (reboot)

A Week in the Life of London's Public Transit System

Big Data, Complexity, Networks at the German Physical Society

Understanding and Managing Complex Systems, 5 March 2012

Complexity Theory in Cities

Martin Dodge, ex-CASA, wins AAG Meridian Prize for his Book Code/Space

Satellite Meeting at ECCS 2012: Complexity in Spatial Dynamics

London (Re)generation AD: Architectural Design

Simulating the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Large Cities

The ARCADIA Employment Model

Representing Social Flows

One Days Worth of Traffic in Milton Keynes

Scaling in Social Systems

Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems

Changing Rank-Size Distributions over 24 Hrs on London Tube and Rail

Pulse of the City

Tech City 'More than Doubled in Size'

A Society of Simulations

Social Networks & Access to Opportunity

Exploring the Historical Determinants of Urban Growth Patterns through Cellular Automata

London's Rail System as a Network

Specialisation & Internationalisation

Configuring Multiple MySQL Servers on a Single Machine

Early Views of Public Transit Usage in London

24h London Twitter Traffic

Charting UK Energy Flows

Visualising Public Transport Networks

Defining the Region Seminar

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