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  3. A Week in the Life of London’s Public Transit System — May 3, 2012
  4. Satellite Meeting at ECCS 2012: Complexity in Spatial Dynamics — February 2, 2012
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Specialisation & Internationalisation

Distribution of economic activity in the GSE by main sectors.

Historically, the downtown of major cities is where the most highly-skilled and highly-remunerated work was done — think: Wall Street, the City, etc. But as space has run out in the core, secondary centres such as Canary Wharf and La …

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Configuring Multiple MySQL Servers on a Single Machine

A bit of a dry post here, but I thought I’d share my experience of trying to get two instances of MySQL (and two different versions, to boot) running simultaneously on a single piece of hardware as I’ve spent the …

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Early Views of Public Transit Usage in London

Station Volumes on Monday at 8am

In fits and starts, over the past month I’ve been getting to grips with an exciting new Oyster Card data set from TfL and the wonderfully supportive Andrew Gaitskell, their resident Oyster Card data expert. For those few of you …

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Tyndall Cities

In the Tyndall Cities project (which is part of the UK Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research) , we have developed a large scale land use transportation model of London and the Thames Gateway which forms the heart of an …

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Metropolis or Region: On the Development and Structure of London

MOGRIDGE M. and PARR J. B. (1997) Metropolis or region: on the development and structure of London, Regional Studies 31, 97–115. Drawing on a disparate range of sources and viewing the question from several perspectives, an attempt is made to trace …

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The Time Scale of Urban Change

WEGENER, M. and GNAD, F. and VANNAHME, M. (1986) The Time Scale of Urban Change, Advances in Urban Systems Modelling(Hutchison, B. and Batty, M. eds.) Human settlements evolve over a long time span by the cumulative efforts of many generations. The …

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Changing travel to work patterns in South East England

TITHERIDGE, H. and HALL, P. (2006) Changing travel to work patterns in South East England, Journal of Transport Geography14, 60–75. The Greater South East England region of the UK constitutes a “global mega-city region”. The UK Government’s 2003 Sustainable Communities strategy …

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Exploratory mapping of commuter flows in England and Wales

NIELSEN, T.A.S. and HOVGESEN, H.H. (2008) Exploratory mapping of commuter flows in England and Wales, Journal of Transport Geography 16, 90–99 The paper uses the origin–destination commute data published from the 1991 and 2001 Census to explore the developments in …

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A Study of Alternative Land Use Forecasting Models

ZHAO, F. and CHUNG, S. (2006) A Study of Alternative Land Use Forecasting Models, Final Report to the Florida DOT Systems Planning Office FSUTMS requires future land use forecasts as input data to predict future travel demand and transportation needs. …

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Defining the Region Seminar

On the 9th September CASA hosted a seminar discussing relationships between London and the South East region with a view to developing the most appropriate framework for land use transport modelling. Mike Batty introduced the SCALE and ARCADIA projects; Duncan …

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