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Name: Michael Batty
Date registered: June 6, 2011


I chair CASA at UCL which I set up in 1995. I am Bartlett Professor In UCL.

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  2. Big Data, Complexity, Networks at the German Physical Society — March 17, 2012
  3. Understanding and Managing Complex Systems, 5 March 2012 — March 3, 2012
  4. Complexity Theory in Cities — February 13, 2012
  5. Martin Dodge, ex-CASA, wins AAG Meridian Prize for his Book Code/Space — February 3, 2012

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One Days Worth of Traffic in Milton Keynes

Nice movie of traffic moving and link volumes in Milton Keynes by Joan Serras working on our SCALE project. Notice the peak and the fact that as is quite usual for such traffic, the morning peak is more accentuated than …

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Scaling in Social Systems

A one day EPSRC-funded workshop (at which yours truly presented) in Oxford at the Complex Agent-Based Dynamic Networks group (CABDyN) at the Said Business School (1st December 2011) had five interesting speakers all talking about the new social physics of …

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Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems

Provides a complete reference guide for understanding how to apply ABM to geographical systems
Presents the latest ideas and applications using ABM
Addresses the issue of applying ABM in a spatial context. This unique book brings together a comprehensive set of papers on …

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Changing Rank-Size Distributions over 24 Hrs on London Tube and Rail

Inspired by Jon Reades’ great visualizations of flows using the TfL Oyster card data, we are now starting to examine the statistical properties of the data, beginning with an analysis of what goes on in the nodes. The data yields …

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A Society of Simulations

An Essay by Koert van Mensvoort, from his blog http://www.nextnature.net/ where he has a lot of interesting material on Simulacra and much else besides. He begins this essay with the following quote:  An interviewer once asked Pablo Picasso
 why he paints such …

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Exploring the Historical Determinants of Urban Growth Patterns through Cellular Automata

Kiril Stanilov has adapted RIKS METRONAMICA, an established cellular automata (CA) modelling system, to simulate the historical growth of a section of a large world city. The focus is on simulating change from the late 19th century until the modern …

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