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Plotting and iGraph on Lion and Mountain Lion

After giving up on Gephi (again, I really should learn), I decided it was time to get to grips with Python and iGraph since I really need to produce multiple iterations of a graph. The matmos at CASA have, of …

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MapThing v1.0 Processing Library

Geographically projected data in Processing

One of the objectives of the COSMIC project is to “extend our current techniques of visualising complex spatial systems… [to]¬†enable a wide range of stakeholders to be involved both in understanding such complexity and using it in policy analysis.” Normally, …

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Configuring Multiple MySQL Servers on a Single Machine

A bit of a dry post here, but I thought I’d share my experience of trying to get two instances of MySQL (and two different versions, to boot) running simultaneously on a single piece of hardware as I’ve spent the …

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Running Spatial Interaction Models in JAVA

Overview Recently we have been developing a Java based set of software components for the field of land use transportation modeling. The system has being designed for integrating various open source tools for the rapid assessment of urban futures. We …

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